Our Next Show

We’ve got a lot of shows coming up in the next few weeks.  Our next performance will be at The Stone Tavern in Kent (our homebase) with our friends Third Class & Cereal Banter, as well as fellow Kent-dwellers Joyframe.  This show is gonna be tits y’all!  Check out the flyer and we’ll see you there!

SexyPigDivas @ the Stone Tavern w/ Cereal Banter, Third Class, & Joyframe

New Track For You to Sneak Peek

Hello friends!

Hope you are staying sexy in this cold weather!  As promised, here is a little listen of our newest recording, White Collar Criminal.  It’s not quite finished yet, but we were so excited we had to share now.

Finishing this track will bring us pretty damn close to finishing our next EP “Gods and Ritual Objects”.  Check out the amazing cover our friend Eli Schabes painted for us.

sexypigdivas cover 1-2

In addition to recording, we are getting together new merch ideas and will hopefully be sharing some pictures soon.

Finally, there has been an addition to the SPD line-up…more details soon!  (It’s not our dog.)

Until next time,


Fun Happy Recording Time


Guess what?  We’re recording more music!  That means we’ll have two new EPs for 2014, yay!  All we need now is someone to listen to them…

That’s where you come in.  You can catch a glimpse of the new stuff with your ears at our SoundCloud page.  We’re going in new directions with the music, but still get antsy playing in one genre.  Stay tuned for updates about the recording process.

We painted our practice space! Do you like it?

028If you haven’t seen us live lately, you’re missing out! Having Chris Maneri on drums has really enhanced our sound and convinced us we need a permanent drummer.

This Friday at Mahall’s (w/ Listen Little Man & Ghost Box Orchestra) will be your last chance to see him perform with us.  He has this crazy idea that winter sucks and is moving to the west coast.  He’s a hippie at heart and more than likely a communist as well.  But he plays drums like a true American.

We’re sorry to see him go, but we did manage to record some new material with him that is the best we’ve done yet. We’ll be finishing that up and also beginning the search for another drummer. Rumor has it we’ll play one more show this year back as a boring old 2 piece.

Also we painted our practice room a pretty new color.  Stimulating, isn’t it?   Lastly, If you know a drummer, please chloroform them and ship them to:

SPD Labs420 CrayCray St.
Kent, OH 44420

We’ve Been Busy!

Hey!  Just because we haven’t posted in a while doesn’t mean we haven’t been up to stuff!  Are you calling us lazy??  Well, we’re only human so give us a break and read on about our current situation.

First, we’re really really really excited to open up for Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti on June 4th @ The Grog Shop!!!  We’re gonna have a super secret special merch item only available at this show so be there!  Click the flyer below to purchase tickets and for more info!!


Next, we’ve been playing with some drummers which has greatly enhanced our live sound.  We’re currently working on a new single with drummer Lucas Crouch called, ‘Fly Away…Stay’.  Check back soon for a sneak peak!

Next, we’ve been planning some other new and exciting merch items , including this new sticker!  Thanks to those who voted for the design on Facebook!!  Get yours at our next show.SPD sticker

I think that about covers it!  Thanks for checking up on us, we feel safer now.  You’re good at that and someday you’ll make a wonderful mother.   You’re the best 🙂




Listen to Our New EP!!

Robota artwork
We are so pleased to announce the release of our ‘Robota’ EP!  As a special one time offer, listen  to the whole album for free today only!!  After that we might politely ask for a few dollars so we can like, buy Diet Coke and give campaign contributions to politicians that will play our CD on the house floor and stuff.  You can listen by looking to the right of the page, or if you’re feeling ‘clicky’, go to our media page.

Everything was recorded at our house in Kent, OH with Charlie Loudin engineering/producing the project.  Charlie did a great job and we can’t thank him enough for dealing with our endless nit-picking and questions!  Thanks Charlie!

Mastering was handled by Adam Boose at Cauliflower Audio in our second-favorite city  Cleveland, OH.  Adam took the recording to the next level with his proficient understanding of the alchemical processes of mastering.  We don’t quite know how it works, but there’s quite a difference and we’ll never go back!  Lead into gold!  Or gold into diamonds really!

Anyway, please listen, share your comments and share us to your friends on Facebook.

Ever Faithfully Yours,

Sexy New Site Launch!


Welcome to the officical website of SexyPigDivas!  To mark the occasion, check out this almost finished track off our upcoming EP ‘Robota’.  Tell us what you think!

City Life – Demo track from ‘Robota’ out soon!

We’re super excited to finally have a real website where one can find news, media, updates, and anything else we feel like sharing…Hope you enjoy!  And always, let us know your opinion whether it be about our music or deep dark secrets you never told anybody.