Recording Update, 3 February Shows, & Bellydance Dance!

Sup Swines!

We missed our monthly publication promise by one day!  I blame it on the shortness of February.  😉

A quick recording update:  we should have our new album, Xplodie Note, available when we start the gigging season in April.  Some were lucky enough to grab a demo last month at one of our 3 shows that we played while on hiatus!

Speaking of the 3 shows we played last month, we played 3 amazing shows last month!  We headlined the Council of Beards, we helped raise money and food for Kent Social Services by performing at the Kent Social Services Benefit, and we brought in some touring bands and had our first SPD House Show!  These shows were some of our favorite to date.  The Council of Beards was a great kick-off to the mini February season.  All the bands were amazing and all our dearest friends were there to party and support the scene.  It was two days of some of the best music in Kent, Ohio.  Here is an awesome review of Council of Beards written by the awesome band, SuperCorrupter!!! We are included!!:  CLICK HERE 

The Kent Social Services Benefit was surreal.  The Zephyr was literally at capacity.  The best moment was when we noticed everyone who was standing in the front had one leg propped on the stage and were rockin’ out so hard with Nick.  The whole crowd was so into the show.  It felt incredible!  The house show was the day after the Kent Social Services Benefit, so it was low key and intimate.  It was perfect.  The two bands on tour were Rafting from Columbus, OH and Bl_ank from Nashville, Tennessee.  They both played some of the most interesting and melodic ‘noise’ music we’ve ever heard.  You should definitely check them both out.

Pictures from February Shows

Thank you Jason Luchka for the photos of SPD!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We would like to give a sincere and MAJOR shout out to Angelina and her crew, Abby & Jon, Dakota-Katie-Ross, and the rest of you who have been out to support the music scene.  You have no idea how much it means to us and other musicians in the area that you have been supporting the scene as much as you do.  ♥  Playing music is a lot of fun, but performing music for a supportive crowd makes it all worth it.

Finally, also in February, Katie and Angelina performed in a dance show!

(Original Choreography by Katie Mikita Song: Dance Me to the End of Love by the Civil Wars–Leonard Cohen Cover)

That’s all for now!  Talk to you soon!





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