Shows & Snarky Puppy/Charlie Hunter

Hey friends! Hope all is good in your world! Our world feels pretty good right now–last night we saw Charlie Hunter play and then we saw Snarky Puppy play and then we saw Charlie Hunter play with Snarky Puppy and it was AMAZING.  Like no words can describe.  Like they just ooze happiness and joy through their notes and their oozy joy notes get into your soul and make you oozily joyous.  You know what I mean?  Ok, ok, I’m done gushing!

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In other SPD news, we have awesome shows coming up this week:
Saturday May 14th we are at Cedar’s in Youngstown  with our good friends The Village Bicycle and Songbird Lumberjack.

Monday May 16th we are @ The Beachland Ballroom and Tavern (in the tavern) in Cleveland with The Spook School and The Smug Saints.  You’re not going to want to miss this one!

The Spook School is on tour all the way from the UK! Check them out!

Lastly, have you seen our “Live from Bad Racket” video yet?  The guys at Bad Racket do an incredible job.  Check out their site to schedule your very own “Live from Bad Racket” session!


That’s all for now!  Thank you for your continuing love and support.  See you out and about!


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