We’ve Been Busy!

Hey!  Just because we haven’t posted in a while doesn’t mean we haven’t been up to stuff!  Are you calling us lazy??  Well, we’re only human so give us a break and read on about our current situation.

First, we’re really really really excited to open up for Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti on June 4th @ The Grog Shop!!!  We’re gonna have a super secret special merch item only available at this show so be there!  Click the flyer below to purchase tickets and for more info!!


Next, we’ve been playing with some drummers which has greatly enhanced our live sound.  We’re currently working on a new single with drummer Lucas Crouch called, ‘Fly Away…Stay’.  Check back soon for a sneak peak!

Next, we’ve been planning some other new and exciting merch items , including this new sticker!  Thanks to those who voted for the design on Facebook!!  Get yours at our next show.SPD sticker

I think that about covers it!  Thanks for checking up on us, we feel safer now.  You’re good at that and someday you’ll make a wonderful mother.   You’re the best 🙂




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