Song Experiment, Playing the Beachland Ballroom, & Kent Social Services Benefit!

Hey hey!

We’re experimenting with seeing what we can write in one recording session. ¬†This one took a little longer than one session lol but the idea developed, and we have day jobs…soooo what? ūüôā

Check out ‘R U Happy?‘:

Let us know what you think!

In other news, we had a blast playing the illustrious Beachland Ballroom in February for the female-powered Gal-entine’s Prom! ¬†Getting to play with our buds Bill and Tony on the same stage that many of our favorite bands have played was hard to believe.

Then it was on to the Kent Social Services Benefit at The Zephyr, and it was a killer time for a good cause again with our rhythm section (aka ‘Da Boiz’).¬† We love being a part of the Kent community.¬† Thank you all for supporting our home and it’s social services!

Thanks for checking in on us. ¬†Hope you’re well. ¬†We love you all ‚̧

Katie & Nick

Recording Update, 3 February Shows, & Bellydance Dance!

Sup Swines!

We missed our monthly publication promise by one day!¬† I blame it on the shortness of February.¬† ūüėČ

A quick recording update:  we should have our new album, Xplodie Note, available when we start the gigging season in April.  Some were lucky enough to grab a demo last month at one of our 3 shows that we played while on hiatus!

Speaking of the 3 shows we played last month, we played 3 amazing shows last month!  We headlined the Council of Beards, we helped raise money and food for Kent Social Services by performing at the Kent Social Services Benefit, and we brought in some touring bands and had our first SPD House Show!  These shows were some of our favorite to date.  The Council of Beards was a great kick-off to the mini February season.  All the bands were amazing and all our dearest friends were there to party and support the scene.  It was two days of some of the best music in Kent, Ohio.  Here is an awesome review of Council of Beards written by the awesome band, SuperCorrupter!!! We are included!!:  CLICK HERE 

The Kent Social Services Benefit was surreal.¬† The Zephyr was literally at capacity.¬† The best moment was when we noticed everyone who was standing in the front had one leg propped on the stage and were rockin’ out so hard with Nick.¬† The whole crowd was so into the show.¬† It felt incredible!¬† The house show was the day after the Kent Social Services Benefit, so it was low key and intimate.¬† It was perfect.¬† The two bands on tour were Rafting from Columbus, OH and Bl_ank from Nashville, Tennessee.¬† They both played some of the most interesting and melodic ‘noise’ music we’ve ever heard.¬† You should definitely check them both out.

Pictures from February Shows

Thank you Jason Luchka for the photos of SPD!!!

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We would like to give a sincere and MAJOR shout out to Angelina and her crew, Abby & Jon, Dakota-Katie-Ross, and the rest of you who have been out to support the music scene.  You have no idea how much it means to us and other musicians in the area that you have been supporting the scene as much as you do.  ♥  Playing music is a lot of fun, but performing music for a supportive crowd makes it all worth it.

Finally, also in February, Katie and Angelina performed in a dance show!

(Original Choreography by Katie Mikita Song: Dance Me to the End of Love by the Civil Wars–Leonard Cohen Cover)

That’s all for now!¬† Talk to you soon!






New Year’s Resolution, February Show, & New Recordings

Hi Everyone!

It’s been quite a while since our last post!¬† It’s a new year, so we decided to get into the spirit of the season and set a New Year’s Resolution:¬† Our goal is to update you at least once a month about what is going on in the SPD world.¬† Sound good to you?¬† Sounds good to us!¬† We will be sharing photos, exclusive music tracks, sneak peeks into our writing and recording process, and much more!¬† Be sure to check our site monthly to keep up to date on all the latest SPD news.¬† Here is a list of new news since the last time we posted:

  • We were Cleveland Scene’s Band of the Week!¬† Check out the article by clicking here
  • We went on our first tour in June 2017!
  • We were selected to perform at the Highland Square PorchRokr Festival!
  • We regularly play as a four-piece now!¬† (we added a bassist and drummer)
  • We Headlined the Psychedelic Festival 2017 at the Outpost in Kent, OH!
  • We are recording a new album!

Wanna see what we have been up to?¬† Here’s some pics from 2017!

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Since November, we have been on a little hiatus to record our next album.  We planned on gigging again in April.  However, the itch to perform is too strong, and we agreed to play one show!  We will be playing February 10th: The Council of Beards at the Outpost in Kent, OH.

As previously mentioned, we are recording a new album!¬† For the first time, we are recording as a four-piece band.¬† We are having the best time hanging out and recording with our friends.¬† Bill (bass) and Tony (drums) fill out the SPD sound perfectly.¬† Also, Tony (aka Magic Tony) is currently studying music engineering at Kent State University and is certainly putting his amazing new skill to good use.¬† To give you an idea of what it sounds like, here’s a little behind the scenes look of Katie layin’ down some Nord synth to our song, Come Like a Phoenix: ¬†¬†

That’s all for now!¬† Thanks for reading and talk to you soon!



SexyPigDivas Merch @, 2017 Dates, and New Music!

Hello dear friends!

It’s been a while, and we’ve been busy busy!¬† We have some really exciting news–our merch page is up and running!!¬† You can now purchase your SPD swag right here.¬† Just click on the SPD Store to shop¬†and fill out the form. It’s that easy! ¬† Check back often because we will be adding new merch!

img_1132              spd_shirt_merch

Ok, on to other things.¬† We are currently booking for the 2017 season.¬† We have a bunch of new dance-y (but still dark, don’t worry) tunes to share with you.¬† Our first show will be sometime in April.¬† We will have details very soon.¬† We’re also working on several out of town shows including dates in Pittsburgh and New York!¬† WOOT WOOT!!!!

That’s all for now!¬† Thanks for reading!

Much Love,




Stream Our New Album!!

In celebration of the release of our new album, Gods & Ritual Objects, please help yourself to a free download of the album today from 12-3 EST.  After that it will be available to stream only.  This album was about 3 years in the making and represents an evolution of our music that has been taking us to some exciting sonic destinations.

We couldn’t have done it without the help of some wonderful friends – James and Ty of Kitschy and Taxon Studios for their recording wizardry, Chris Maneri for his drumming and also recording magic, Evan Lewis for slapping the bass in ways we never could, Eli Schabes for the amazing artwork, Adam Boose at Cauliflower Audio for his mastering voodoo, and everyone who has ever come to a show and dug what we do, bought a cd, shirt, took a sticker, told your Mom about us, etc….

Thank you, we love you all. ‚̧

Festivals, The Death of The Stone Tavern, and Five Years of Marriage

Hello dear friends,

We have some exciting news to share with you…in the next few months, we will be playing three festivals!¬† AND our new album Gods and Ritual Objects will be available!

August 20th we will perform again at one of our favorite festivals, Highland Square PorchRokr.  We are scheduled to perform at 950 HEREFORD DR. at the 3:00 time slot.  20160725_160404 (2) August 28th we are finally going out of state!  We will perform at End of Summer Fest II (@The Loving Touch).  If you have friends in the area of Ferndale, MI, tell them to check it out.  This awesome little festival is organized by our good friends and talented musicians Mimi and Nino of The Old Adage.

October 28th we will be at the Outpost for a Halloween festival.  More details on that one soon.  For all upcoming shows, be sure to check out our gig page.

In some sad news, The Stone Tavern closed this month.  The Stone was the heart and home to so much music that words cannot even describe the loss felt by the art community.  We sincerely thank Lou, Dave, and the staff at the Stone Tavern for supporting and growing the art scene in Kent.  We will keep it growing!  On a happy note, we got to bring home a bench!

Finally, Nick and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary this weekend!¬† I cannot even believe it has been five years.¬† That’s what happens when you marry your best friend I guess. ūüôā

To celebrate, we went down to Hocking Hills for the first time.¬† We stayed in an awesome little cabin in the middle of the woods.¬† We even got to take Jake (the dog, not our drummer, silly).¬† Even though there was a heat advisory, we lightly hiked three trails:¬† Old Man’s Cave, some random trail we found, and Cantwell Cliffs.¬† The scenery at the caves and the cliffs was surreal.¬† Somewhere down there (wish we would have written down the name of the place) we found the most surreal doughnuts, too.

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That’s all for now.¬† Take care and have fun!



Shows & Snarky Puppy/Charlie Hunter

Hey friends! Hope all is good in your world! Our world feels pretty good right now–last night we saw Charlie Hunter play and then we saw Snarky Puppy play and then we saw Charlie Hunter play with Snarky Puppy and it was AMAZING.¬† Like no words can describe.¬† Like they just ooze happiness and joy through their notes and their oozy joy notes get into your soul and make you oozily joyous.¬† You know what I mean?¬† Ok, ok, I’m done gushing!

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In other SPD news, we have awesome shows coming up this week:
Saturday May 14th we are at Cedar’s in Youngstown¬† with our good friends The Village Bicycle and Songbird Lumberjack.

Monday May 16th we are @ The Beachland Ballroom and Tavern (in the tavern) in Cleveland with The Spook School and The Smug Saints.¬† You’re not going to want to miss this one!

The Spook School is on tour all the way from the UK! Check them out!

Lastly, have you seen our “Live from Bad Racket” video yet?¬† The guys at Bad Racket do an incredible job.¬† Check out their site to schedule your very own “Live from Bad Racket” session!


That’s all for now!¬† Thank you for your continuing love and support.¬† See you out and about!



Next Show is 4/20 at The Stone Tavern!

Hey there!

That last show was fun, thank you to those who came out despite the ‘wonderful’ Ohio weather.

Our next show is 4/20 at The Stone Tavern (click the link for the event page) in Kent w/ another great Kent band, Trash Mountain, as well as Red Francis who are touring from Chicago.

Check out this silly flyer:

SexyPigDivas, Red Francis, Trash Mountain @ Stone Tavern 4/20/16

Hopefully we’ll have some new stickers to pass out, but we’ll definitely be playing our new songs and other tasty jams to make your 4/20 alright.¬† Be there y’all!


First Show of 2016 & New Music Video!

We’re getting really excited this week for our first show of 2016!¬† Hitting it with some great bands, don’t miss this.¬† Word on the street is that we might be thinking about considering debuting some new material.¬† (Click the flyer to go to the event.)


Last but not least, check out our first ever music video…EVER.¬† The kind gents at Bad Racket Recording in Cleveland are responsible for this one.¬† We just showed up, rocked out, and they took care of the rest.¬† Kudos to them!

See ya Saturday!

Porch Rokr, Hank & Cupcakes, and Cupcakes!

Hello Divas!

We are excited to be performing at Porch Rokr Festival this Saturday, August 29! ¬†Porch Rokr is held in Akron’s Highland Square. ¬†Local bands are selected based on submissions and then are assigned a porch to perform on. ¬†Preeeetty cool. ¬†Local art will be displayed on the lawns, and there is even a beer tour! ¬†We are playing at 3pm at 669 Weber Ave, Akron, Ohio 44303: Porch #15. ¬†Go to: for more info about the event!

Also exciting…September 9 we will be at the Stone Tavern with our good friends Stems and our new friends Hank & Cupcakes from Brooklyn! ¬†If you missed them in June, you need to come out. ¬†Check out this video of them live. ¬†It’s my favorite:

Finally, we went on a cupcake tour ourselves. ¬†I (Katie) have been watching a lot of Cupcake Wars and I really wanted cupcakes. ¬†After several seasons of cupcake torture, I googled “winners of cupcakes wars 44240” and came up with some cupcake bakeries in the area. ¬†Last week, we had our own version of cupcake wars. ¬†We checked out three local cupcakes bakeries: Heavenly Cupcakes, BonBon (winner of cupcake wars), and Pandora’s Cupcakes. ¬†And the winner of our personal cupcake war¬†is: Pandora’s Cupcakes. ¬†No competition! ¬† We won’t tell you how many cupcakes we ate, but know we are still recovering from our sugar comas.

See you soon!


Nick & Katie